Application until 09th April 2023

Completion time of the form approx. 20- 30 minutes. If you have any questions, please contact

With this form you can apply for long-term usable rooms in the quarter Haus der Statistik. In a first application phase, rooms for social, cultural and educational purposes in Haus A will be allocated.
Please note: Rooms for individual artists are not yet available. It is still open whether these will be allocated via the "Arbeitsraumprogramm", the central funding program of the state of Berlin ( This procedure has its own criteria. In the allocation procedure for spaces at the Haus der Statistik, interested solo artists are therefore only asked first about their spatial needs, which we can then pass on to those responsible in politics and administration. The remaining spaces in the quarter will be allocated step by step from the end of this year:
Towards the end of 2023, areas in selected first floor areas will follow, as well as in the new building the two experimental houses "X1" (circular economy) and "X2" (social learning). Finally, we will allocate space in the experimental house "X3: inclusive living" - but this process will probably not start until 2025. The selection of applications is decided by the quarter committee with equal representation at the Haus der Statistik. 

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